We all get it — exercise and eating right is crucial to getting fit.  We know that fitness contributes to our personal happiness and well-being.  Hell, we know that we’ll look better and feel better about ourselves.  The knowing isn’t the solution.  We are bombarded by more information everyday with life tips, eat this, don’t eat that, less carbs, etc.  Maybe we already know enough to get fit?  In “Are you aware of your inner BEAST?,” I introduced how our emotional brain runs our world.

Without direction, our inner beast will take instant gratification every time.

emotional brain

As the leader of our brain, we HAVE to tweak our environment.  Our emotional brain is that powerful in any particular moment.  After a long day of work you think you’re actually going to want to go the gym? Uh, food, couch, TV or changing and driving to the gym?  Think of all the extra thoughts you have just to get ready to workout. Your inner beast wins nearly every time.  Schedule your workouts. Bring your workout gear to work and eliminate the distraction.  Give yourself a freakin’ chance.  In the post 3 tactics to make exercise a habit you crave,  I introduced Shawn Anchor’s ’20 second rule’ where we have to make new positive behaviors as simple as possible for our brain to adapt.

When you’re creating a new habit, you have to beat your “old self” or really the emotional brain.  This in itself is empowering– no longer necessary to judge yourself.  It’s not easy; however, when a positive habit is formed in the subconscious you’ll be playing with the house’s money!  Exercise will become more of a craving and your willpower isn’t even needed.

I’ve learned you have to be the leader of your brain, or it will lead you.  You’re as good as the quality of your subconscious mind.